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Dr. Kalyan completely focused on helping your most of neurological obstacle, whether it’s a spinal cord injury or any other neurological problem.
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best neurosurgeon hospital in hyderabad
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Dr Kalyan Bommakanti has one of the best neurosurgeon hospitals in Hyderabad. He is currently working as a consultant neurosurgeon at Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital. He and his team have modern and latest technologies to perform safe and secure surgeries.


Gold Medal and Certificate of Merit in the subject microbiology in Osmania Medical College for the year 2001.

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We have modern and latest equipment for spine and brain surgery that ensures safe and secure practice.

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Our team provides extensive and continuous care to critically ill patients . We ensure seamless aftercare to our patients.

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NeuroSurgeon & Spine Surgeon
MBBS (Osmania Medical College), MCh (Neurosurgery, NIMS)
best neurosurgeon hospitals in hyderabad

Dr Kalyan Bommakanti has one of the best neurosurgeon hospitals in Hyderabad. He was a brilliant student, and he got into the coveted Osmania Medical College and completed his MBBS. He went on to do the MCh (Neurosurgery), from the reputed NIMS. He has worked both in academia and hospitals, which inherently speaks volumes about his sharpness and makes his clinic the best neurosurgeon hospital in Hyderabad. His extensive work in academia gives him an edge over other doctors as he is well-versed in the latest research.

Not all the doctors in Hyderabad have such a varying work-experience as he has worked as Consultant Neuro and Spine surgeon. From Jun 2011 – April 2012 he worked as Assistant Professor at Adesh Institute of Medical Science’s and Research, Bathinda, Punjab. He has also taught at NIMS, Hyderabad. Since March 2016, he works as Consultant Neuro Surgeon and Spine Surgeon at Medicover Hospitals, Secretariat.

Patient Testimonial


It is a surgical operation for the spine, and it is regarded as one of the safest surgery for back and neck pain. Being an advanced procedure, one needs to consult an experienced neurosurgeon, and Dr Kalyan has the best neurosurgeon hospital in Hyderabad.

It targets the epicentre of pain and involves removing the herniated disc material. This operation relieves you from the current pain and rules out the possibility of serious back injuries in the later course of time. Only the Best neurosurgeon hospital in Hyderabad are equipped to get it done with ease, and Dr Kalyan happens to run one of them.

The pain in this operation is negligently lesser than usual operations. Dr Kalyan has one of the best neurosurgeon hospitals in Hyderabad. On top of it, he has extensive experience while working with the country's best minds.

You will be allowed to go home the very day you got operated. The advent of technology and advancement in medical sciences have made it possible, and Dr Kalyan has the best neurosurgeon hospital in Hyderabad for Endoscopic Discectomy.

best neurosurgeon hospital in hyderabad