Our spine has 24 vertebrae, which are layered one upon another. Cervical spines are the seven small vertebrae that begin at the skull base. A cervical disc herniation is when the disc is pushed out/ herniates a nerve in the neck. The discs are the soft cushions between the spinal bones that allow for motion between the bones. After 30, the bones become brittle, and the outer layer may crack, causing soft inner material to leak. The pain from a disc herniation comes from the pressure and inflammation being contacted by the herniated disc material. A cervical herniated disc can be genetic, can be because of a sudden jerk or movement, age-related, or because or sudden strain.

Symptoms of cervical disc herniation 

  • The most severe and uncomfortable symptom of cervical disc herniation is pain. Pain is burning, stabbing and can cause discomfort. The pain radiates from the neck to arms.
  • Cervical disc herniation can cause numbness in the arms and also a weakness.
  • There can be tingling or a shock-like feeling that runs down your body into your legs.
  • Patients also complain of loss of balance and coordination.

Treatment modalities 

If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort or any symptoms mentioned above, there are many treatment options available. You just have to figure out the best neurosurgeon nearby. Most disc herniations heal independently without any medication, only with proper rest. If weakness is the chief complaint, it is a matter of concern and needs in-depth observations. If strength is not improving, surgery can be recommended.

  • Medication: Certain medications like Gabapentin and Lyrica may reduce nerve pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs can ease the nerve’s inflammation, the same as steroids, but they are not as strong as a steroid. But these medications should be taken on doctor’s advice.

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  • Surgery: The most common surgery for a disc herniation is a microdiscectomy. In this herniated disc fragment is simply removed through a small incision. 

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  • Physical therapy: Physiotherapy, like traction, can decrease the symptoms of herniation by reducing pressure on the nerve.

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  • Injections: Spinal injections are a type of epidural that places steroid medication on the herniated nerve. 3-4 shots of injection in several months can heal herniation.

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Your health is important to us. Cervical disc herniation can worsen if you are not cautious. Bending, twisting, jerks can worsen your condition. You should consult your neurosurgeon and start your treatment ASAP for quick recovery. Visit Dr. Kalyan Bommakanti, a top neurosurgeon in Hyderabad. Book an appointment now. 

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