Back pain is a growing cause of health issues during the coronavirus pandemic. This is because of the nature of the job that needs 10-12hours of sitting, and this is also because we are too busy switching between tablets, smartphones, tv, and laptops, refraining outdoor activities, and sitting inside for hours. Sitting at a desk all day can eventually lead to pain or discomfort in your neck or back. According to research, lower back pain causes more global disability than any other condition, making it imperative for us to tackle.

Here I am suggesting 5 Ergonomic tips to Help With Back pain!

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  • Move around every hour: Humans were never meant to be sedentary. Walking is the best exercise and it can eliminate many kinds of problems. Walk around in your room, go for a walk, take breaks. It can get you out of poor postures. Taking breaks from continuous sitting can reduce your back pain.

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  • Go for a walk at lunch: Your lunch breaks are the best time when you can have a brisk walk. Use it in some extra physical activity, a cycle ride, or even some yoga to stretch out your back and loosen up tight muscles. Make the best use of your lunch hours.
  • Learn about active sitting: Chairs like the HÅG H05 have in-built mechanisms, which means the chair moves naturally when the person is sitting. This stimulates oxygen and blood flow through the body and helps the person stay alert and energized during long work hours. This is active sitting, which means you can sit and still remain functional.

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  • Get a decent ergonomic chair: Your chair should be comfortable, with good back support and headrest. A good ergonomic chair has many adjustable components that provide a perfect sitting position. This can reduce your back pain and prevent any twist and turn to the spine or vertebrae.

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  • Exercises at work to help neck or back pain: Even while working, you can stretch out and relax. This prevents neck or back pain. You can go for finger points by stretching your hand and pointing fingers toward the floor and palm facing out. Use another hand to increase the stretch, pulling your fingers down and toward the body. You can also do a ‘big hug’ backstretch or neck retraction exercises.


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You should not wait for the correct time or for your condition to worsen. Instead, start taking precautions from day 1. Back pain can slow down your career and can harm your overall health. These five tips can surely help you with back pain and if you are still struggling, visit Dr. Kalyan Bommakanti, the best spine surgeon in Hyderabad.

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