Neuronavigation In Brain Tumor Surgeries – A Revolution In The World Of Surgeries!

The ability to perform real-time intraoperative guidance during the brain and/or spinal surgery is known as neuro-navigation, also known as frameless surgery. In neurosurgery, this skill improves precision and protection. Who would have thought a day would come when this would be possible? Dr. Kalyan, who is renowned to be the best neurosurgeon surgeon in Hyderabad now makes it easy as he introduces this new technology. So far Dr. Kalyan has been a top notch spinal cord specialist also known for his brain surgeries but as he enters this field the best is awaited for.

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Neurosurgeries were already the most challenging among all surgeries undertaken on the human body. Neuronavigation is nothing but computer-assisted neurosurgery, which has become a reliable and popular choice for neurosurgeons worldwide.

In reality, such technology is quickly becoming the norm in neurosurgery. Without the use of external frames, such technology will direct the surgeon to the surgical targets. External metal spheres and internal landmarks are used in this technology’s localization.

In neurosurgery, the most essential function of frameless systems or neuro-navigation is in brain surgery. Only the best neurosurgeons can perform a surgery as complicated as this. The craniotomy can be limited due to this localization, and lesions such as brain tumors can be safely removed. As a result, devices have mainly been used for tumor resection. Such devices are handy for precisely localizing and resecting tumors near critical brain areas like the motor strip.

Stereotactic Surgery:

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Stereotactic brain surgery is a precise term. The surgeon is guided to a target inside the brain using photographs of the brain. This is also known as neuro-navigation. This technique can use an external frame attached to the head (frame-based surgery) or imaging markers attached to the scalp to orient the surgeon in his approach. A light-weight frame is fixed to the head using local anesthesia in frame-based stereotactic surgery. To locate the target about the external frame, the head is imaged using CT, MR, or angiography. 

On the other hand, frameless stereotactic surgery depends on external metallic spheres taped to the scalp until the brain is imaged. For the precise approach and removal of large brain tumors, frameless or image-driven surgery is highly beneficial. Being the best brain doctor in Hyderabad we offer you with these services.

Brain Tumor And Neuronavigation :

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Despite significant advances in brain tumor diagnosis and surgery, precise intraoperative location and tissue removal in many patients remains challenging. As a result, numerous navigation systems have been developed. Neuronavigation has become increasingly common in the treatment of brain tumors in recent years. In patients with a narrow tumor, surgical removal is still tricky. Patients with small and deep-rooted brain cancers, multiple tumors, or tumors found in the brain’s critical functional areas face difficulties in surgical removal. Our brain specialist neurosurgeons must contend with the possibility of causing severe neurological deficits and the problem of identifying and removing the lesion. The use of keyhole procedures and surgical microscopes decreases the amount of force used in operation. The use of keyhole procedures and surgical microscopes reduces the operation region’s size, requiring detailed data about the instruments’ actual location and distance from the lesion and a perfect orientation in the operation area. By introducing this advancing technology Dr. Kalyan is undoubtedly the best neuro spine surgeon in Hyderabad providing patients with latest trends.

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Neuronavigation is an efficient procedure that makes brain tumor surgery more effective. It enables proper orientation in the operating room, resulting in the safe and precise removal of intracranial neoplasms. For those who want to get any kind of brain surgeries or treatment done, don’t feel afraid to contact us, we have the best brain specialist doctor in Hyderabad and also specialise in neurosurgery.

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