Know Complete Information About Brain Surgery

Brain surgery refers to a surgery that is performed to solve problems related to the brain or its surrounding organs such as the eyes, nose, etc.

Brain surgery is a difficult task, so it is done by experienced doctors so that there is no risk during this time.

What are the types of brain surgery?  

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There are many types of brain surgery, which mainly depends on what kind of problem it has to go to solve.

The following are the major types of brain surgery.

Craniotomy surgery- Craniotomy surgery refers to surgery that is performed to treat brain tumors. In brain surgery, the cut is applied to the skull and pierced in the bone flap, so that the tumor is removed from there.

Biopsy surgery- Biopsy surgery is mainly done to remove the brain tissue. This process is done under the observation of a microscope.

Minimally invasive endonasal endoscopic surgery – Brain surgery is performed with the help of the endoscope instrument, with the help of which the brain organ is reached without cutting.

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Minimally invasive endonasal endoscopic surgery is performed to remove the tumor that has developed in the lower part of the brain.

Deep Brain Stimulation – Deep brain stimulation refers to a surgery that is performed to treat a disease called Parkinson.

During brain surgery, doctors do not remove the tissue from the skull, but rather put electrodes on the inside of the brain.

This electrode is connected to the battery on the chest and signals the symptoms of a mental illness such as Parkinson’s as a signal.

When is brain surgery done?

brain specialist in hyderabad  Since brain surgery is a very sensitive procedure, it is done in these 5 conditions, which are as follows-

 Brain Tumor Treatment- Brain surgery is mainly done to treat brain tumor as this surgery is the best treatment for a brain tumor.

Treating Parkinson – Brain surgery is also performed when a person is suffering from a disease called Parkinson.

This surgery can prove to be a better option for the treatment of this disease.

Repairing abnormal blood vessels- If a person’s blood vessels are abnormal, brain surgery is done to normalize them.

Treatment of blood clots- Many times brain surgery is also done to cure blood clots.

Sometimes a surgery causes blood clots in a person’s brain, in which case brain surgery can prove to be beneficial.

Reducing the risk of brain stroke – Many times brain surgery is performed when there is a risk of brain stroke in a person.

The risk of brain stroke is reduced through brain surgery.

How is brain surgery done?  

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Brain surgery, as explained above, is performed to solve neurological problems.

There are some steps involved in this process, which are as follows-

Step 1: Doing medical test- Before performing the brain surgery, doctors do some medical tests like blood test, MIR, CT scan etc.

Through these tests, they confirm that the person is compatible with brain surgery.

Step 2: Shaving the hair- When they are satisfied that there will be no brain surgery damage on the person.

They then embark on brain surgery, in which they shave off the hair on that part of the head.

Step 3: Applying surgical cut- After shaving the hair of the head, they apply the surgical cut there.

The best neurosurgeon doctor in Hyderabad makes only a small surgical cut so that it does not affect the health of the person.

Step 4: Removal of Bone Phelp – After making the surgical cut, the doctor removes the Bone Phelp.

Step 5: Using the endoscope device – After removing the bone flap, the doctor inserts the tube with the endoscope, so that this procedure can be done.

Through the endoscope device, the best neurosurgeon doctor in Hyderabad monitors the inner part of the brain and removes the dangerous tissue present there.

Step 6: Reapplying the bone phelp – After the tissue is removed from the inner part of the brain, the bone phelp is reapplied.

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Step 7: Giving medicine- If a person has pain after brain surgery, then a brain specialist in Hyderabad give him pain-relieving medicines to reduce that pain.

Step 8: Getting physical therapy- Along with giving pain-relieving medicine to the person, doctors also provide him with physical therapy, which helps him recover quickly.

Step 9: Discharging – After brain surgery, the person is kept in hospital for about a week and when the person’s health improves, then he/she gets discharged.

What are the benefits of brain surgery?  

This process is nothing less than a boon for those who are troubled by brain problems.

There are mainly 4 benefits of conducting brain surgery-

Giving new life- The major benefit of brain surgery is that a person gets new life through brain surgery.

Treating neurological problems – As explained above, brain surgery is performed to treat neurological problems.

Thus many problems can be treated by brain surgery at one time.

Best way to remove a brain tumor – When a person has a problem with a brain tumor, it can be resolved by brain surgery only.

Thus, this surgery is the best way to treat brain tumors.

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Reducing the possibility of other brain problems – While many brain problems are solved by brain surgery, on the other hand, the risk of having many other problems can be reduced through brain surgery.  

If a person has this problem, they should immediately contact the brain specialist in Hyderabad and start the possible treatment of this problem.

If this problem is not resolved in a timely manner, the situation may worsen and in that case, the person may need to undergo brain surgery again.

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